Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 - Did You Know? Video from You Tube

NCATC BlogSpot

The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is a network of higher education resources that advocates and promotes the use of technology applications that enhance economic and workforce development programs and services.

In fulfilling its mission, NCATC is guided by specific goals that include:
Increasing the national awareness of ATCs and their positive impact on America's competitive ability and economic growth.

Developing and facilitating the exchange of workforce development programs among NCATC members.

Providing a forum for new and emerging technologies to allow ATCs to develop programs and services that reflect the technological landscape.

Providing a conduit that allows ATCs to access information to optimally assist in the economic business development of their communities.

Ensuring that each member is provided support in its development and evolution as an agent of change within its community.

Advanced Technology Centers (ATCs) are located in all regions of the United States and are normally associated with community colleges and universities. Over 160 college-based ATCs are members of NCATC, currently and some private corporations and school districts also have established ATCs. An ATC is a commitment of persons and resources in the effort to reach, enhance, and add value to business. An ATC is not necessarily a physical facility, but is often thought of and referred to as a structure. Beyond bricks and mortar, and ATC operation is a conscious effort to bring together the resources of the college in business and industry outreach, and it can be an organizational model that encompasses many functions of the college. While there is no single definition, an ATC can be described as a locus of economic development with substantial and concerted business and industry outreach products and services. The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers supports and enhances the best practice products and services its ATC members provide. Find out more @